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Training in Pàijeda monegasque martial art, Self-Defense Krav-Maga, Kickboxing, Muaythai,…

For childrens from 3 years old, teens, adults, mixed.
Beginners or confirmed,
In group or individual lessons (coaching) Free discovery course with medical certificate.
A way of life and for the youngest an excellent educative activity.


  • Claude POUGET (Technical Director)

    • Pàijeda monegasque martial art founder
    • Master of Martial Arts and Self-Defense (Hall of Fame)
    • Holder of 6 Expert titles, 15 black belts and 10 State diplomas
    • State Graduate Professor (B.P.J.E.P.S.) of Kickboxing, Master (W.A.K.O) black belt 8th Degree (W.A.K.O. & F.F.S.C.D.A.), Master (W.A.K.O.) black belt 6th Degree of K1-Rules (W.A.K.O. & F.F.S.C.D.A)
    • Graduate Professor State Superior (B.E.2.), Certified Expert (F.F.K.) black belt 7th Dan Krav-Maga (F.F.K.);
    • State graduate professor (D.E.J.E.P.S.), 6th Dan Karate black belt expert (F.F.K.), 3rd Duan Wushu black belt, 2nd Degree Penchak Silat black belt;
    • State Graduate Professor (B.P.J.E.P.S.), Master (W.A.K.O.), 6th Degree Full-Contact Black Belt (F.F.S.C.D.A. – W.A.K.O.);
    • Professor graduated from Muaythaï State (B.P.J.E.P.S.), 10th khan (.I.F.M.A.- W.M.C.)
    • State qualified teacher (B.E.1) of Sambo, 3rd degree black belt of Sambo & 3rd degree black belt of Personal Defense (F.F.A.S.);
    • State certified professor (B.E.1) of Boxing;
    • State Graduate Professor (B.E.1) of Wrestling, Black Masters (F.F.L);
    • Sate certified teacher (B.P.J.E.P.S.) of Contact Sports (Pancrace, etc.);
    • Federal Defense Kickboxing Expert, 6th Degree black belt (F.F.K.B.D.A.);
    • Federal Defense Contact Expert (F.F.K.B.D.A.);
    • 1st Dan black belt from Judo Jujitsu (F.F.J.D.A.);
    • Federal Jiu Jitsu Instructor (F.F.J.B.D.A.);
    • Monitor of Mixed Martial Arts (M.M.A.), Mitaine noire (C.N.M.M.A.);
    • Black belt 1st Dan D.K.I. (Kyusho France);
    • Federal Professor (F.I.B.D.D.A.) of Tonfa 3rd Degree;
    • Federal Teacher of Grappling.
    • etc.. ( click here to learn more.)


    Thomas BREZZO,

    • Federal monitor 2nd degree in Kickboxing, Muaythai, Pancrace,Chauss’fight
    • 2nd degree black belt in kickboxing,

    Gerard POUGET,

    • 1st degree black belt kickboxing and federal certificated trainer,
    • Federal Instructor at French Karate and Associated DIsciplines Federation 
    • 1st Dan Black Belt Karate,

    Andrea TESTONI,

    • Federal monitor 2nd degree in Kickboxing, Muaythai, Pancrace,Chauss’fight
    • 1st degree black belt in kickboxing,