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Practice Krav-Maga in Monaco
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Training in Self-Defense Krav-Maga, Kickboxing, Muaythai, etc

For childrens since 3 years old, teens, adults, mixed.
Beginners or confirmed,
In group or individual lessons (coaching) Free discovery course with medical certificate.
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A way of life and for the youngest an excellent educative activity.

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EDUCATIVE MARTIAL ARTS : Self-Defense Krav-Maga, Kickboxing, Muaythai ........ INFOS SUBSCRIBING

CHILDREN from 3 to 13

SELF-DEFENSE KRAV-MAGA Not to be anymore a victim ! ........ INFOS SUBSCRIBING

ADULTS / TEEN since 14


ADULTS / TEEN since 14

S.A.S. Prince Albert II awarding Claude Pouget the Silver Medal of Physical Education and Sports


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The International Academy of Martial Arts of Monaco, which has its administrative headquarters and collective training at the Stade Louis II, which I had the pleasure of co-founding in 1997, approved by the Government of Monaco, and the International Center of Martial Arts of Monaco Claude Pouget (Individual lessons at the Hotel Port Palace in Monaco Tel 06 07 93 31 36) welcome you.

Courses are offered for all, adults, teens and children from 3 years, initiation (beginners) or confirmed at the Louis II Stadium (group lessons) or Coaching Center mentioned above (individual lessons).

For many years, we have also been involved in schools in Monaco or, as a partner of the Monaco National Youth and Sports Education Department, as part of the excellent extra-curricular program "Pass 'Sport Culture'. Trainer for the Security Forces in Monaco or France, I had the pleasure of being Police Commander in Monaco and having been awarded by HSH Prince ALBERT II, the Medal of Honor in Vermeil and the Silver medal of Youth and Sports.

Founding Technical Director of the Academy, Master of Martial Arts and Self-Defense (Hall of Fame), multi-state graduate of martial arts, combat sports and self-defense techniques, holder of fourteen black belts, 8th degree black belt in Kickboxing, Federal Expert (FFK), 6th Dan in Krav-Maga, 6th Degree in Full-Contact, 6th Degree of K1 Rules, 10th Khan in Muaythai, in particular, with more than forty years of practice and teaching experience, World Champion Krav-Maga in 2019, I have to my credit a hundred victorious fights in competition in different disciplines and I want to share with you the essence of my experience.

National Technical Director of the Monegasque Federations of Kickboxing, Krav-Maga, Pancrace, Penchak silat, Muaythaî, approved by the Prince's Government, and Member of the National Krav-Maga Commission (FFK) in France, I participate in the Jury in Monaco and France for the accession to the rank of black belt, and above, in Krav-Maga, Kickboxing, in particular. I had the pleasure to also train many practitioners in "leisure" as well as in "competition", with, in particular, obtaining titles of world champion in Krav-Maga or vice-world champion in Muaythaï.

The teaching of our disciplines within our academy, adapted to the rhythm of each one, brings multiple and fulfilling benefits from a psychical, physical and social point of view:

- For martial arts (3 - 4 years), the pedagogy practiced promotes psychomotor development (sensorimotor, emotional and relational skills), in a playful context and a suitable environment. Ethical values are introduced like salvation, an expression of respect.

- For young people (5 to 13 years), in addition to the many benefits of martial arts, its ethical values are a valuable asset for the development of the child in a fun approach and a progression encouraged by the graduation.

- For adults and adolescents (from 14 years):
Improve health: better weight control, stay active and move, fitness, muscle building, overall body work, tone, bone density favored, cardiovascular capacity more enduring.

Develop self-defense: acquire technical, physical and mental abilities, in a secure context, let off steam safely, evacuate stress, efficiency, self-control, serenity, reflexes, anticipate and react to the danger;
To gain more confidence: self-confidence, fortification of the mind, evacuation of stress, harmony, self-control,

Develop the taste of the effort.

Finally, develop a unique lifestyle, through the practice of martial arts, promoting well-being.

The disciplines taught: mainly Krav-Maga Self-Defense, Kick-Boxing, Muaythai (Thai Boxing), but also Kung Fu Wushu Sanda (Chinese Boxing), Pancrace, Complete Combat, etc.

In addition, our Academy has created and organizes international events of combat sports of which I am General Manager: Monte Carlo Fighting Masters and Trophy

In conclusion, do not wait any longer, join us!




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