Classes have started, year-round registration

Training in Pàijeda monegasque martial art, Self-Defense Krav-Maga, Kickboxing, Muaythai,…

For childrens from 3 years old, teens, adults, mixed.
Beginners or confirmed,
In group or individual lessons (coaching) Free discovery course with medical certificate.
A way of life and for the youngest an excellent educative activity.

Trial / Subscription / Planning

For private courses
Contact M. POUGET :
Tel +377 (0)6 07 93 31 36

Schedule and cost


Free trial course

To try once without signing up.

To give before the practice :

  • Registration form: (without payment), signed by the legal representant for kids.
    (The document includes the parental authorization and the agreement for the insurance)
  • Medical certificate : no contraindication to the practice of MARTIAL ARTS (possibility of using the form on this website)

Equipment : For the trial practice :

  • For kids : short or jogging and T-shirt
  • For teens and Adults (+ 15 ans) : Short or jogging-T-shirt (for  Krav-Maga : sport shoes)


To register (annual package)

Submit the registration form (below) :

  • at the class ;
  • or send by post to Académie Internationale d’Arts Martiaux de Monaco,7, avenue des Castelans, 98000 Monaco

The documents :

  • Registration form: (including parental authorization and agreement to insurance conditions and miscellaneous) (Unless already submitted at the trial class)
  • Medical certificate completed by your doctor stating that you are not contraindicated in the practice of MARTIAL ARTS (unless already submitted for the trial class)
  • Payment of the registration fee (Monaco cheque) or cash
  • A passport photo


The Club is insured at AVIVA ASSURANCES and ALBINGIA ASSURANCES  – See document